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About You


It's not about us!

Virtually all websites have an "about us" section.  This one doesn't because I believe that I have to care about you - and more specifically about the success of your business.  The fact is that for the past 35 years as a consultant, I have had a passion for the success of organizations, and I will have that same passion for yours.


Training ROI

The vast majority of the consulting work that I do revolves around training. The reason is simple.  You know best how to operate your business, but sometimes I may be able to bring some new and important ideas about improving a company through better training of its employees.

Photo: seminar for Colorado Society of CPAs


Why me?

Well, that's a hard one.  I can tell you that I'm qualified, have been doing it successfully for over 35 years, and have loads of satisfied clients.  But, the most important thing is that people come up to me years after a training session,  at a meeting or conference, and tell me how they have used some of my tips and tricks very successfully.  My training is about people wanting to, and knowing how, to improve behavior, and it works!

That photo is conducting a seminar in Lhasa, Tibet.  Fun gig!

Your Risk


Business is all about risk

I teach a lot of programs about risk management, so I understand your concern about risk.  When asking someone to train for your company, you have to ask the question, "Will this guy be good?"  I will take that risk away.  If, after I've done the training, you are not pleased with the result, you pay NOTHING.  That's right, a 100% guarantee.  I do that because over all the years I've been in this business, I've never been asked not to charge.  I know my work is good, and you will be pleased.  But, you have that guarantee.

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